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ToolDescriptionVoteEdit / Delete
Recipes ToolBest items to craft with Glob of Dark Matter, about 1.5g per GoDM(+) / (-)
Craft Everything ToolExcludes all items made with recipes you cant get anymore, all timegated items, all ascended inscription and insignia, and a few others with ingredients that are too annoying to obtain in bulk(+) / (-)
Recipes ToolCrafting a Precursor for profit(+) / (-)
Not SurePut in an item you have, be told what else to buy to complete some item discovery or production to gain crafting experience.(+) / (-)
Spread ToolLet us sort by type and exclude some types(+) / (-)
Craft Everything ToolDisplay amount to buy in stacks.(+) / (-)
Craft Everything ToolAdd an exclude materials needing to be collected(+) / (-)
Not SureCraft everything tool adder to set a top limit for spendcost. (+) / (-)
Craft Everything ToolAdd an option to craft X amount of each item in the crafting list(+) / (-)
Craft Everything Toolexclude items already in you sell list on the trade post. maybe with on off option(+) / (-)
Craft Everything ToolExclude all recipes where you dont have the crafting level. eg Leatherworker only on 465, so exclude all 500 recipes while including the 400 ones.(+) / (-)
Recipes ToolIn the recipes tool, please provide an option to filter out recipes that require spirit shards, karma, or dungeon tokens as separate checkboxes.(+) / (-)
Basic Salvage ToolShow mathematical formula in tool tip form, or used in profit break down, to better show which option in the situations is being represented as profit .(+) / (-)
Not SureInclude sigils and runes to equipment, or bag salvage to show if it is profitable to salvage.(+) / (-)
Craft Everything ToolCorrect the profit section with tp taxes.(+) / (-)
Not SureAbility to show more than just 3 or 5 entries on front page categories. Ex Click on Largest Buy Price Increase to jump to a full page with paging functionality.
(+) / (-)
Recipes Toolwhy did the functionality of crafting amalgamated gemstones break no set of options will get the tool to return that they even exist(+) / (-)
Recipes ToolWhat to craft with your daily timegated ascended materials(+) / (-)
Recipes ToolWhat to craft with your Ascended Materials scroll down a bit until you get to profitable(+) / (-)

Help and Info:
 ● Suggested GW2Profits Tools made by other users, such as useful searches or recommended settings.
 ● The URL and Description fields have very strict formating and allowed characters, and both must include something.
 ● You get 1 vote per Suggestion, either up, down, or neutral. If you up-vote something, then up-vote it again, it goes back to neutral.
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