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Matches any words in the item's name, you can use "double quotes" to search for an exact phrase.

Auto Velocity Mode / Relist Limit Mode / Manual Mode
Amount to make = day's worth
Show Crafts: Only Profitable / All
Max Gold to spend = Gold
Individual Minimums:
Minimum Profit = Copper
Minimum % Profit =
Minimum Velocity =
Both Minimums
Either Minimum
Daily Profit Minimum:
Minimum Daily Profit = Copper

API Key (inventories and characters and wallet):
Exclude all items that require additional account materials

Exclude List: Include everything Excluded
Additional items that require the same time-gated material Include

Include List:

Materials Already Provided

Materials to Collect

Materials to Buy from Trading Post

Materials to Buy from Merchant

Intermediate Crafts

Items to Craft
Nothing matches your search criteria

Help and Info:
 ● This will give you a shopping list of what to buy and what to make that gives you a profit when sold.
 ● Select which combinations of disciplines you want to include.
 ● Select which combinations of crafted things you want to include.
 ● 'Auto Velocity Mode' will take the velocity of each item, and calculate how many it should make off that and your select of how many day's worth (under 'Amount to make')
 ● 'Manual Mode' allows you to make a set amount of everything using 'Amount to make'.  Several things don't sell as well as others, so in this mode there are also type multipliers for each of your selected types.  As an example, if you have 'Amount to make' of 40 and a 'Insignia and Inscriptions multiplier' of 0.1, it'll make (40*0.1=) 4 of all Insignia and Inscriptions.
 ● Included Type definitions:
  'Item' referrs to final products you equip: weapons, armors, backs, trinkets, inventory bags
  'Component' referrs Crafting Components
  'Consumable' referrs to food and oil and tonics and dyes
  'Container' referrs to Feast, Pot, Tray and armor sets (all of these have required recipes that you get from the forge)
  'Runes and Sigils' referr to Runes and Sigils
  Insignia and Inscriptions referr to Insignia and Inscriptions
  'Ascended' referrs to Deldrimor Ingot, Damask Coat Lining, Ascended Insignia/Inscription, Infusions
  'Refined' referrs to Steel Ingot, Bolt of Silk, etc.
 ● 'API Key' is your unique digits for data in your account.
  ◦ It tells the Craft Everything Tool what items you already have, so you don't need to buy those, and will only tell you how many more you need to buy.
  ◦ Your API Key needs to have 'inventories' and 'characters' and 'wallet' and 'unlocks' enabled to work (inventories includes bank and material storage, characters+inventories includes character inventories, wallet includes wallet, unlocks includes recipes you've learned).
  ◦ To obtain a API Key, log in to your account on their website, go to 'My Account', go to 'Applications', click 'New Key', check 'inventories', check 'characters', check 'wallet', click 'Create API Key', copy the Key and paste it in the field on this page. It will look something like: 123A4B5C-67DE-F890-12GH-34H5IJ67890K12L345MN-O67O-8PQR-90S1-TU2VW3456XYZ
  ◦ This field is optional, leaving it blank will simply show you all materials required instead of additional materials required.
 ● Check the box of each item you want to include, then click the 'Exclude Checked Items' box. Doing so will remove those things from being made, as well as all materials that it took to make it. Note: 'Update CE Settings' will NOT Exclude Checked Items.
 ● 'Remove all include' will re-include all items you previously said to 'include' (as if you never included anything)
 ● 'Amount to Buy' is how many of that material you should buy at 1c above the buy order price.
 ● 'Intermediate' is things you will need to make before making something/many things on the 'Make' list, such as refined materials or inscriptions.
 ● 'Ingredients if Crafted instead of bought' lets you compare refined materials to what it takes to refine them (it will be cheaper to buy it direct, but it's often harder to buy direct).  Also in this column is what to refine a material into if there are multiple options (such as Iron Ore into Iron Ingot or Steel Ingot)
 ● '# of times to Craft' is usually how many of that thing you should make, but some recipes make multiples (such as potions), so it specifies in those situations.
 ● The column on the far left with a checkbox will grey out that row when checked. This is mostly for your visual use to keep track of what you have done so far, but you can also check the items you want to include, then click 'Exclude Checked Items' at the bottom.
 ● You'll need to manually include recipes you can't/don't want to make.  Everything is controlled by the URL you use, so you can always click your back button if you make a mistake.
 ● Once you get everything perfect, then you buy everything [via buy-order] on the shopping list, make everything under 'Intermediate', then make everything under 'Make', then sell it all [via sell-listing].
 ● It will tell you how much profit each thing will give you, as well as total profit at the top.
 ● Estimated times for each action:
  5 sec per unique Buy + 2 sec per stack of Total Buy
  2 sec per unique Intermediate + 1/2 sec per Total Intermediate
  2 sec per unique Make + 1/1.5 sec per total Make