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Matches any words in either search box (words in both are sorted higher), you can use "double quotes" to search for an exact phrase.
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Search Ingredients:
Item Limit:
Included Professions:Weaponsmith Huntsman Artificer Armorsmith Leatherworker Tailor Jeweler Chef Scribe Mystic Forge Other
Max Rating:
No Ingredient Restriction I have at least one of the ingredients I have some of all the ingredients I have enough account materials
API Key (inventories and characters):

All items that require a purchased recipe are included (Exclude all items that require a purchased recipe)


Price to Buy

Price to Sell
Profit if Used (Percent)

Profit if Sold (Percent)

Daily Profit if Sold
Price to Craft
Garnet Copper Stud
Masterwork Trinket Accessory 20
64.05- / day
12:35:26/outbid : 05:31:31/undercut
363Price Last Updated: 00:07:43 ago

1846Price Last Updated: 00:07:43 ago
89 (32%)

1295 (473%)

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Garnet Copper Amulet
Masterwork Trinket Amulet 20
17.36- / day
05:20:20:02/outbid : 14:11:36/undercut
262Price Last Updated: 00:07:43 ago

1010Price Last Updated: 00:07:43 ago
-14 (-5%)

582 (211%)

Expand Recipe

Garnet Copper Ring
Masterwork Trinket Ring 20
35.44- / day
05:20:06:55/outbid : 08:22:36/undercut
182Price Last Updated: 00:07:43 ago

893Price Last Updated: 00:07:43 ago
-116 (-39%)

461 (155%)

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Help and Info:
 ● Gives a list of all crafted items and allows you to sort/search for something to make.
 ● You can search for Items' Names and Ingredients. It will match any words (either/or), and you can use "double quotes" to search for an exact phrase. the more words are matched, the higher the item will appear on the list, despite sorting.
 ● You can sort by what you want to: Name, Velocity, Buy Price, Sell Price, Craft Price, Profit, Percent Profit, Daily Profit if Sold